Oy’s Ass

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Ok, what do you want me to write about this week’s Boom Boom episode? Do you want me to give you specifics about this absolutely amazing Asian suck doll who has the most perfect ass on any woman? I mean yes there are some amazing bubble butts in this world, but when it comes to Asian….you’re expecting an ASS that is small, firm, and shaped so perfectly that your cock and groin just melt into it like the last piece of a puzzle. Her name is Oy and she is the sweetest girl with a gorgeous body and a very hungry appetite to satisfy the urges of men and that means taking your load into her sweet young mouth. Now that you’ve read about, Join Now and VIEW this Asian Goddess get fucked and drink my sperm.


Fon sucks and swallows

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Can you say WOW backwards? It doesn’t fucking matter because the result is still the same that’s because Fon is like so WOW hot! With a WOW body and umm WOW. There went my writing skills like I ever had any. Fon is something like 21 and she’s an Asian stunner with a great petite body, long hair, and a face that makes you want to breed with her. And guess what? I did just that, but that’s a whole different website for those creampie lovers. Want to see Fon Creampied? Then look for her at Creampie Thais. No no, This video was dedicated to Fon sucking me, fucking me and swallowing me! That’s right this Asian goddess actually swallowed the cum-of-sum-yung-guy except well I’m a bit older. It doesn’t matter, she swallowed and it’s all on video for you to see. Fon is one of the more popular Asian Suck Dolls, and after you see this scene you’ll know why!

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Dar swallows the jizz

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This week’s Asian Suck Doll is 20 year old cumslut Dar. I remember the first time I saw Thai vixen Dar, she was spread eagle on the edge of a Jacuzzi tub fingering her moist Asian pussy, it was lust at first sight! I immediately took her up to a short time room and dropped a gallon of cum inside her pussy. That was then. Well imagine my surprise when I get an email from Dar saying she wants to swallow my cum! Who the hell am I to say no?? Thirty minutes after reading the email, Dar was on her knees and sucking the life out of my cock. After getting the most amazing head, I had to feel that tight cunt again. Her pussy was just like I remembered it, bald and beautiful! I wanted so desperately to shoot my load inside of her, but then I remembered the email. I pulled my cock out of her vaginal paradise and dropped my spam straight down her in box.

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Peung gets ass fucked

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This Asian Suck Dolls episode wasn’t exactly planned, but when opportunity presents itself, I Pounce! So I was walking back home from a blowjob bar when I saw 21 year old Peung motioning me over. I wasn’t really in the mood for another nut considering I just blew my load all over a 18 year old 15 minutes beforehand, but then Peung said the three words every man loves to hear: “fuck my ass??” My balls were already tingling and it was off to a short time room with one of the horniest sluts in Thailand. Before I knew it Peung was sucking my cock and rimming my ass! Can you say freaky deaky?? After a wild humjob & rimjob, Peung pulled apart her buttcheeks and was ready for a pounding. Her butt snatch swallowed every inch of my raging cock. After fucking her ass into submission, I pulled out and gave this cum hungry whore the load of her life.

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Rin the tiny cum slut

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Who’s the lucky Thai girl to get a creaming today? Her name is Rin and this 21 year old Thai whore from Pattaya is just hurtin for a squirtin! Okay I’m convinced. There HAS to be some sort of blowjob bootcamp somewhere in Thailand. I mean where else do these Thai girls learn to suck cock like this?? I met Thai slut Rin on my way to the atm machine, she stopped me and did the whole “cock in mouth” gesture. Hmm a blowjob for 500 baht, how can I say no to that? Spend an hour with Rin and you’ll be convinced she’s some sort of cock vampire, but instead of blood, she needs cum to survive! Rin isn’t one of the hottest Thai girls I’ve been with, but her cock sucking ability more than makes up for that! This Thai whore loves the cock and cum so much that she wanted me to shoot it all over her face. Ask and you shall receive! Now, off to search for this bootcamp.

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Som from Koh Samui

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So guess what? A blast from the past is back to take my cum in her mouth. Feast your eyes on 21 year old cumslut Som from Koh Samui. I first met this horny little Thai teen when she was just 18 and I did a creampie scene with her over at Creampie Thais. Now, three years later, my tiny little Asian Fuck Doll is back for another load…this time all over her face! Can you fucking believe it? Her looks are still stunning and she isn’t shy anymore. She has honed her sucking and fucking skills, which were pretty good to begin with, but this time around I get to blast my cum into her hot mouth and watch her drool it over her amazing big lips and all over her body. Will Som be back for another facial cumshot? Count on it! Join now to see Som creampied at Creampie Thais and facialized here at Asian Suck Dolls! p.s. I don’t know what that tattoo above her cunt is but I think it might say “I love fucking white men!”

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18 year old Tun is a tiny Thai cum slut

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Cue the overture, lights, then the curtain opens for this little entertainer. Her name is Tun and she’s just 18 years old. I found her in a Karaoke bar, but she was singing a different tune. That’s right, she stepped up to my cockrophone, cleared her throat, and started her performance. It was sweet melody as I handled her gear and she played my organ. Then I gave her some of my boom beats from behind and soon enough we were both in harmony. Finally my cock decided the symphony needed a finale so it unleashed a load of sperm inside her mouth and she swallowed. Now that deserves a standing ovation. Encore! Encore! Like Tun? Then you’re in luck. Members get two different full length episodes of Tun sucking cock and swallowing cum. Enjoy fellas!

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Dar is back to suck and fuck

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Look whos back! Dar, the sex starved Thai Teen is back for another helping of sperm! So how did I find this expert Asian cocksucker? Quite simple really: in Bangkok, theres a weekly Cumaholics Anonymous group that gets together every week thats mainly comprised of young and horny Thai girls wanting to cure their addiction of cock. I first met Dar there, and Ive been helping her ever since! This girl was so cock hungry that she literally said hello, then whipped my cock out and started sucking. No introductions necessary for Dar, she just has one thing on her mind and thats milking a cock for every drop of cum. After giving my member a good tongue lashing, Dar hopped on for a quick pussy pounding. Right as I was about to blow, cum junkie Dar had to remind me in her cute broken English that she wanted it in her mouth and not in her pussy. She says… You cum in mow! Ask and you shall receive my horny little cumslut!

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M can suck it good!

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Old school Thai Porn fans will surely remember this face. Her name is M and she was one of the first girls I ever creampied over at www.creampiethais.com. I’ve always imagined what it would be like to coat that cute face with a massive facial load. Four years later and I finally get my chance! Back then M was a go-go dancer in Bangkok, so imagine my surprise when I see this cute Thai teen dancing in a gogo in Pattaya! Now if it was one thing I remembered M for, it was her naturally bald Asian pussy. That’s right this girl has never shaved a day in her life, yet her pussy is naturally hairless…amazing! It wasn’t long before M was on her knees and sucking the life out of my cock. Four years ago M was a skilled cocksucker, but now she is officially a Fellatio Queen! After a good amount of heavenly oral delight I end our little reunion with a creamy load all over M’s pretty face.

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Tiny pussy Thai babe

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There’s literally a million and one ways to get laid in Thailand: Massage parlors, go-go bars, disco’s, you name it. Well this Asian Suck Dolls update is truly unique. So im waiting my turn at a salon when 20 year old Thai babe Pinki approaches and asks me if I know of any way to keep her facial complexion smooth. Lucky for her my sperm holds magical facial cleansing properties ( its true ). I invite Pinki over to my place for a free sample. To show her appreciation Pinki gives me a sample of that sweet Thai vag! One look at Pinki’s tight pussy and I knew how she got her name: her pussy is so tiny you can barely fit a pinky in it! After fucking that slit pussy every which way, a creamy eruption was unloaded onto Pinki’s face. This cute Thai cocksucker went to the spa to get a facial cleansing, but what she got instead was a patented Asian Suck Dolls “skin rejuvenating facial”.

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