A, What a Handful

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A handful, a mouthful, and then another handful. I guess I’m summarizing my experience with A, a 19yr old Asian bar girl. Her tits were a handful, my cock was a mouthful, but her overall personality…well it was what we say a handful. The kind of girl that after 5 minutes you either want to walk a way from, or first dump your nut in their face and then…run away. I did just that and I have no regrets. I can cum all that much harder when I know I’m about to drop my wad on the face of a girl who totally deserves it. Who’s

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Cute Asian nympho

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This amazing Asian girl walked into my office one day asking to use the bathroom. I started talking to her and invited her over to my house. She took a long time to come back, so I went upstairs to check on her…when I found her, she was on my bed taking her skimpy panties off. she still had her cute hat on while she was stripping…

Creamed beauty

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This cute Asian girl came one day to my house with me after i invited her for a beer. She started sucking on my cock as soon as i closed the door! Then, she pushed me on my back and started to ride me untill I almost exploded. Then she got off me and started sucking my dick again until i painted her face with my man juice.

Sweet Asian Nympho Indyah

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I met her in the subway, invited her for a drink. She wanted to go to my apartment so I invited her over. She took my clothes off and started sucking my dick like there´s no tomorrow. Then I fucked her hard on my bed. Then she started sucking on my dick again till I exploded in her mouth. She swallowed my full load.

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She’s a Star

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It’s Showtime, well actually it’s Showgirl time! This week you get to experience one of the best dancers named Star. She is a very sensual Showgirl at one of Thailand’s hottest GO GOs and I think it shows with her looks, moves, and that really amazing ass. It’s like she’s half Brazilian or something. Anyway, we got to some small talk, then off came the clothes, then I got the lap dance of a lifetime as she rode my cock up n down. She gives the best head too….y’know that really nice and slow sucking and licking as if she actually likes it. Well after some fun on my pole, I did what every other chrome pipe has done before, and showered this pretty Thai girl’s face with my jizz.

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Som the Slut

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So guess what? A blast from the past is back to take my cum in her mouth. I first met Som when she was just 18 and I did a creampie scene with her. Now, three years later, my little Asian Fuck Doll is back for another load. Can you fucking believe it? Her looks are still stunning and she isn’t shy anymore. She has honed her sucking and fucking skills, which were pretty good to begin with, but this time around I get to blast my cum into her hot mouth and watch her drool it over her amazing big lips and all over her body.

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Nina Gets Nailed

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“Gimme some of that candy,” I think to myself while watching Nina, a young 20 year old Asian Suck Doll, lick away at the colored sugar slab as if it were a cum filled cock on a Friday night. Nina is well known at a popular blowjob bar as the girl who can “deepthroat”. She gives the kind of blowjob that in your mind you want to sit back, stare, and enjoy, but unfortunately your cock is so overwhelmed with her perfect rhythm that you just can’t hold off after nearly a minute and explode into her mouth with your fat load. Well, my experience included this perfect hummer, but I had to feel the inside of her warm pussy before pulling out and painting her face with my candy cream.

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Bin Gets Bashed

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Ok, so the submissive little fuck toys are great and all, but sometimes I’m in the mood for a more aggressive Asian twat who knows how to tickle a man’s fancy and of course gulp down his big load. Bin just so happens to be that, shy on the outside – I wanna swallow your cum on the inside, kinda girl. It’s a cute interview then off to the races and she practically attacks me on video struggling to release my cock
so she can show me she’s here for one thing and one thing only….to drink the salty spunk from my prickly prick.

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Oy’s Ass

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Ok, what do you want me to write about this week’s Boom Boom episode? Do you want me to give you specifics about this absolutely amazing Asian suck doll who has the most perfect ass on any woman? I mean yes there are some amazing bubble butts in this world, but when it comes to Asian….you’re expecting an ASS that is small, firm, and shaped so perfectly that your cock and groin just melt into it like the last piece of a puzzle. Her name is Oy and she is the sweetest girl with a gorgeous body and a very hungry appetite to satisfy the urges of men and that means taking your load into her sweet young mouth. Now that you’ve read about, Join Now and VIEW this Asian Goddess get fucked and drink my sperm.


Fon sucks and swallows

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Can you say WOW backwards? It doesn’t fucking matter because the result is still the same that’s because Fon is like so WOW hot! With a WOW body and umm WOW. There went my writing skills like I ever had any. Fon is something like 21 and she’s an Asian stunner with a great petite body, long hair, and a face that makes you want to breed with her. And guess what? I did just that, but that’s a whole different website for those creampie lovers. Want to see Fon Creampied? Then look for her at Creampie Thais. No no, This video was dedicated to Fon sucking me, fucking me and swallowing me! That’s right this Asian goddess actually swallowed the cum-of-sum-yung-guy except well I’m a bit older. It doesn’t matter, she swallowed and it’s all on video for you to see. Fon is one of the more popular Asian Suck Dolls, and after you see this scene you’ll know why!

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